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COVID – 19 Procedures

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Adopted In-house Covid-19 Procedures

Hotel Public Areas and Reception 

Employees are to wash their hands frequently for 20 seconds with soap and warm water.

Employees are to monitor the provision of alcohol-based hand sanitizer in the dispensers located at the reception counters and main door as well as the provision of sanitizing wipes for guest luggage.

A distance of 2 meters is maintained between each employee as well with every client.

Employees have been trained and monitored on the use of PPE clothing which includes wearing, taking off, disposing and hand hygiene immediately after removing.

A face mask / face shield is to be worn by employees when social distancing cannot be maintained and in a high risk of contamination situation.

Employees are to replace face masks as soon as they become damp and when it interrupts breathing.

Employees are to disinfect visor frequently.

Luggage belonging to clients residing in different rooms will not get in contact together.

Every work station at reception is designated to one receptionist in a shift and sanitized between shifts.

Employees should not touch any guest belongings like pens, phones and other devices.

Work equipment is to be sanitized every 3 hours.

Contactless payment methods are to be encouraged.

Clients are to be encouraged to use their own pen upon check in.

Hotel bedrooms are kept empty for 2 days before accommodating new clients.

Social Distancing in Hotel Lobby: All lobby chairs & tables are positioned to respect the 2 meters distancing.

Employees must inform Head of Department immediately if feeling unwell.

Employees must inform Head of Department when a colleague or guest is noticed feeling unwell.

Telephone numbers of Health Authorities, Hospitals and Health Clinics are available at all times.

Hand sanitizer is available including signs to encourage usage

Social distancing stickers have been placed on floor in line with regulations.

Water for public use is being disinfected .                  

Hand sanitizer has been made available next to cigarette machine and smoking area including signs to encourage usage.            

Sanitizing Dispensers are checked every hour as a minimum to ensure proper functioning.                   

Paper Dispensers are checked every hour as a minimum to ensure proper functioning.                 

Documented hourly disinfection on high contact areas (door handles, hand rails etc..) and toilets.


Public areas and public toilets are to be cleaned and disinfected continuously with particular attention to hand contact surfaces such as door handles, hand rails, lift buttons etc. and also any surfaces in contact with respiratory droppings or other body fluids like toilets and hand washing basins.

All public areas are being continually checked by a supervisor and record of each inspection is being logged. 

All common areas are being ventilated daily.

Public Toilets 

The maximum number of people allowed in public toilets is to be displayed.             

Signs have been installed for clients to encourage them to wash their hands


Colour coded cleaning cloths for various cleaning / sanitizing surfaces are to be used inside bedrooms.

Daily sanitizing of occupied bedrooms with special care to hand contact surfaces, telephone, remote control, handles, toilets, hand washing basins and bath/shower including bathroom tiles with a disinfectant solution.

Every trolley is to be designated to one room attendant and sanitized before and after the daily use.

Housekeeping trolleys are to be covered for protection at all times.

All bedroom linen is to be closed in one plastic bag and labeled to indicate the contents. This closed plastic bag will remain unopened until ready for washing at the laundry not situated at hotel premises.

Linen and clothes are to be handled carefully to prevent raising dust, with consequent potential contamination of surrounding surfaces or people.

Clean linen is to be distributed by supervisor on the floors with the help of a houseman. Linen will be kept in plastic packaging as provided from linen room. This packaging must remain closed on the trolley and opened only to take the necessary linen when and were needed.

Pre packed disposable drinking glasses are being supplied in bedrooms to replace glasses.

Tissues boxes in bedrooms will be replaced with single small pocket packets type and will be discharged after departure.

A smaller toilet paper role will be placed in room for every new client so to discard the remaining after departure.

No extra pillows & no extra blanket will be provided in bedrooms. Can be provided upon request only.

No collateral material is to be placed in bedroom.

All occupied bedrooms are to be ventilated daily.

Any equipment is not to be shared.

Upon departure of client, the bedroom will be left un-serviced for at least 2 days removing carefully only any leftover food.

Food and Beverage

A face mask / face shield is to be worn by employees when social distancing cannot be maintained and in a high risk of contamination situation

Contactless payment methods is to be made available                  

Hand sanitizer is to be made available and signs are installed to encourage usage

Hand washing facility to include signs to encourage usage                      

Perspex boards have been installed on counter tops.

Single use condiments are to be used and disposed of straight away after use.

All dishes, silver wear and glass are to be washed and disinfectant in a dishwashing machine                  

Dining tables are to be placed 2 meters apart from each other

Tables and chairs are to be disinfectant after each use                  

No smoking is to be allowed within 10 meters of seating area

Disposable gloves to be available at all times                        

Dishwashing equipment is to operate at 60 degrees Celsius and the correct dosage of cleaning/disinfectant chemicals is to be applied                  

Hand washing facility including signs to encourage usage

Pool Area                 

Pool capacity to be limited to 50% of the maximum bathing load                      

Sunbeds, chairs and other equipment are to be disinfectant after every visitor leaves.                       

Two meters distance in each direction between each two sunbeds unit in open area around pool is to be respected. Sunbeds, chairs and other equipment are to be disinfectant after every visitor leaves.                       

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